Warning Signs That You’re Heading for Divorce

Legal Adviser March 16, 2016
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Failed Marriage

 Failed Marriage in UtahMaking a marriage last involves a tremendous amount of effort and patience. When it’s not quite working, counseling or therapy can help people get their relationship back on track. In many cases, divorce can be the only way for a troubled couple to get peace of mind.

If you are thinking about getting a divorce, this means you are having absolute difficulty in getting your marriage to work. Before making the big decision, however, Godfrey Law and other legal professionals say that you might want to check if your relationship is definitely over. Below are some of the warning signs to look for:

Emotional Shutdown

If you or your partner were shutting down emotionally, it would be difficult to fix the relationship. The worst part of this is that either spouse who has shutdown can be oblivious that something is wrong or at least won’t admit it. Fixing a marriage with someone who cannot see their own fault can indeed become problematic.

Increased Instances of Abuse 

Abuse can be either physical or verbal, or both. Whatever the case, it is best to cut ties with an abusive spouse, especially if you have young children. It can be difficult, but the only way to stop the abuse is to leave the relationship and start a new life.

Non-existent Sexual Attraction

Many couples go through a period of time in which sexual attraction is practically nonexistent. If the absence of sexual desire has become a consistent part of your relationship, then you have the final nail to your relationship’s coffin. Making a relationship work is not easy if one partner cannot or would not fulfill the other’s sexual needs.

Fixing a marriage is not impossible, that is, as long as both parties are willing to work through their problems. If it is still possible to sit down and discuss the above issues with your partner, then you may still have the chance to save your marriage.

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