The Roles and Responsibilities of a Criminal Defense Lawyer

Legal Adviser May 9, 2016
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Defense Attorney in SpringfieldHiring a criminal defense lawyer must be one of the first things to do. With an experienced attorney by your side, you can effectively get through this tough time and potentially clear your name. To learn more about how a criminal defense lawyer can help you, here’s a closer look at their roles and responsibilities.

Case Assessment

The first thing a lawyer does is assess the case of the client. They need to look into the charges filed down to the smallest details of the case. One of their most important tasks here is interviewing the state’s witnesses and possible witnesses for the accused. They also check police reports and visit the crime scene to get relevant details for clues and pieces of evidence. These things are highly important for the lawyer to plan the case presentation at the court and craft the best defense strategy.

Rights Protection

Protection of the defendant’s rights is one of the most important responsibilities of a criminal defense attorney. Their task is not only limited to informing their client about their rights, but also ensuring they are treated fairly. They must see to it that you’re allowed the right to:

  • a trial by the jury of your peers;
  • a speedy and public trial;
  • to remain silent; and
  • be presumed innocent until proven guilty “beyond reasonable doubt.”
Legal and Practical Advice

In Springfield IL, notable criminal defense lawyers explain that they advise their clients regarding what they think is the most sensible option for the accused. The accused is sometimes faced with the decision to whether accept a deal or proceed to trial. The attorney may advise their client on the best choice. In the end, however, the accused will make the final call.

It pays to have a dependable and experienced lawyer in the event you need to face such a situation. Choose one who has a good understanding of their role in defending you and your rights.

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