The Impact of a Protection Order on Child Safety

Legal Adviser October 1, 2015
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ChildSimilar to a “restraining order” and “civil protective”, a protection order is used in Colorado to protect a party from further harm or intimidation such as spouses dealing with a threatening partner, spouse or ex-spouse. It is a powerful tool against domestic violence, but can it be used to protect a child as well?

Assuring Children Safety

The order is primarily used to prevent domestic violence, that is, it only applies to a spouse or partner in a relationship. However, in some cases, children become victims too.  A parent may obtain a protection order for his or herself and, in effect, help prevent the parent from interacting with the children.

It is quite easy to file a restraining order, but some may miss the details that help ensure the inclusion of the child’s interest. There are ways to modify the protective order in the advantage of the abuser. Without the advice of a local family lawyer, Denver residents classified as the restrained parent can still be around the child, even without the consent of the victim parent.

The order can help limit interaction between victim and abuser. Any allegation of violation of these orders may result in the arrest of the abuser. This also may result in separate criminal charges.

The Power of a Protection Order

The protection order is an order issued by a court to tell a person to stay away and refrain from hurting, threatening or communicating with another person. It basically prevents domestic violence and sends a message from an objective authority that the abuse must stop.

In addition, a restraining order prohibits domestic violence by stopping direct communication between the victim and the abuser, and going within a specific distance (in kilometers) of the victim’s home or place of employment. It gives the victim parent temporary responsibility when it comes to all decisions concerning children, and it sets child support and spousal support, too.

Restraining orders can be complicated, thus, consulting a family lawyer is important. Keeping away from the parent through the legal process is a big step in safeguarding children who are often helpless when it comes to abuse.

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