Getting a Reputable Child Custody Attorney

Legal Adviser March 22, 2016
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Child Custody

 Child Custody in ColoradoWhen searching for a reputable child custody attorney in Colorado Springs, it is a good idea to know how the state of Colorado operates when it comes to these cases. The way the state began thinking about the subject changed in 1999 when they swapped out the traditional label of “child custody.”Colorado decided that the term “parental responsibilities” was more fitting given the nature of these types of cases. Although the two labels are somewhat similar, the latter one better covers the wide range of what parents are supposed to do specifically while also keeping the best interest of the child in mind.

What Parental Responsibilities are

There is one main aspect of your case that falls under the label of “parental responsibility” that will be handled by your child custody attorney in Colorado Springs, and that is the decision about who the child will end up living with. Another part they will be diligently working on is helping you decide who will have the last say in major decisions in the child’s life. For example, there may be many schools in the area, but one, in particular, that is favored by the parent who has full custody of the child.

Deciding on Proper Visitation

The non-custodial parent will communicate clearly with their child custody lawyer about what they feel is fair when it comes to visiting their child. Then, their lawyer will look at the case as a whole, gather the facts, then point out what is reputable and works in their clients’ favor. These attorneys handle many different kinds of cases, such as grandparents’ rights, common law marriage, annulments, cases that deal with domestic abuse, divorce, military divorce, civil unions, and child support. If the client is open and up front about everything with their attorney at the initial consultation, then everything should start (and end up) on the right track.

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