Clean Break, Clean Slate: Uncontested Divorce in New Mexico

Legal Adviser November 5, 2015
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Divorce in New Mexico

Divorce in New MexicoFor some couples, divorce has been a long time coming. One thing to remember for individuals who are planning to file is that some relationships end. It’s not always a fairy tale, although it would like that as first. It’s doesn’t make breaking the bond any less painful, but empathy helps in highly sensitive situations, such as this one.

If both parties knew that the marriage hasn’t been working for some time, suggests going for an uncontested divorce. It’s the most peaceful way of ending the betrothal, as both spouses agree on how to divide the property, personal issues and child support. This way is much cheaper than filing for a fault divorce, which goes on for longer and gives the judge many disputes to settle.

Simple, Straightforward Dissolution

The proceedings only differ if a couple has children. If not, they will fill out the forms of Dissolution without Children Packet, and if they do, they will file the Dissolution with Children Packet. The government requires basic information, the petition of dissolution and the summons. Someone other than the spouse must deliver the papers, so that the process can begin.

Incompatibility is the most common ground for divorce in New Mexico. This falls under the no-fault category, which in turn are grounds for uncontested dissolution. Then, the other reasons include inhuman treatment, adultery, and abandonment.

Encountering Roadblocks

Initial agreements don’t always guarantee a smooth process. For most couples, they are bound to clash on something. If it’s something that the parties involved cannot resolve, a mediator can conduct the negotiation. This way, a judge doesn’t have to interfere and everyone is satisfied with the conclusion.

An off-court agreement isn’t final, and is open for changes. If a third-party source, a lawyer, finds the agreement unfair for his or her client, they can also resolve the matter off court. The premise behind uncontested divorce is making it easy. A judge will still render the decision, but as long as they don’t have too many disputes to settle, the process would go and end quicker.

What may ultimately help the case are an experienced legal team and a lawyer specializing in family law. They know the vicissitudes of divorce and other aspects of family law. In some cases, their presence may even be vital.

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