5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Filing a Divorce

Legal Adviser March 28, 2016
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During Divorce

During Divorce in Greenwood VillageResearch estimates that over 50% of marriages end up in divorce. While divorce can be one step to your new life, certain mistakes can make the process even more challenging and overwhelming. These mistakes could end up costing you a lot more.

Fortunately, Divorce Matters and other legal professionals say that it’s easier to avoid errors when you consult an experienced divorce lawyer in Denver or wherever you live in the U.S. Some of these mistakes include:

Making False Accusations

This mistake can complicate the divorce proceeding, especially if the misinformation touches on alleged domestic violence to try and gain the court’s favour. The truth is that lying to the court could turn the tables against you later. If you have concerns about possible abuse, consult your attorney to ensure that these concerns are facts and not plain accusations.

Choosing the Wrong Attorney

Many people choose an attorney through family referral, advertisements, or the availability of free consultation. Before anything else, however, check if they have the knowledge and skills, experience, organization, punctuality, and ability to communicate effectively. Know how many cases they have successfully settled, as well. Family law is a wide subject, so it’s best to find a legal professional who can handle your specific case

Refusing to Communicate or Compromise on Issue

While most divorcing couples may disagree on certain issues, such as child custody or marital property, refusing to compromise on any issue increases the costs of the divorce and the duration it takes to come up with a fair equal settlement. The best thing is to determine what you may be willing to compromise on to be able to reach a favorable verdict.

Failure to Consider Tax Consequences

Colorado law requires you to file taxes if maintenance is claimed. In issues dealing with child support, you may not be required to file taxes. Having information about this will help you avoid costly mistakes in future. Close any joint accounts you may have before the divorce proceedings are over. You may have to incur any debt accrued if your spouse uses the joint account.

If you’re considering getting a divorce, it is important to have a good representation from an experienced attorney. They can advise you on what the law requires and how long the process may take depending on your type of case.

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