3 Steps Toward Marketing Yourself Effectively as a Paralegal

Legal Adviser January 20, 2016
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Paralegal Marketing

Paralegal Marketing in New YorkParalegalkind is one of the winners of the early 21st century. The profession has seen tremendous growth over the past years, and is expected to continue its upward trend until the next decade. The responsibilities of a legal assistant have doubled, and even tripled; the salary has turned more competitive; the door of promotion has opened and led to many opportunities; and the long overdue prestige has become evident.

Whether you want to work full-time or as a freelancer, knowing how to market yourself is the key to your success. If you don’t know how to sell what you bring to the table, you’d find it difficult to land a good job despite the strong demand.

If you have to effectively penetrate the legal industry, you must…

Make Yourself Marketable

First and foremost, you should know how to put your best foot forward. Paralegals aren’t perfect, but those that can highlight their strengths well usually get the nod from employers or clients.

Think about the impressive things in your credentials. Did you finish a specialty course? Did you gain substantial work experience from a reputable firm? Have you performed noteworthy tasks? Make all the efforts to beef up your resume.

Be Visible Online

If you’re not on the cyberspace, then you’re practically non-existent in the eyes of employers. Not only it’s mostly free, but advertising yourself online also offers the widest reach.

It sure looks more professional if you have your own website, but a mere LinkedIn account is enough to broaden your network and get it touch with your prospects quickly.

Work with a Recruitment Firm

Most of the time, the fastest way to secure the job that appeals to you is by dealing with a recruitment firm. Instead of waiting for employers or clients to notice your ad, Yorkson.com notes that agencies specializing in legal staffing in New York, Mississippi, or any U.S. city can submit your resume directly to companies. These firms have exclusive access to most vacancies in town, allowing you to apply for unadvertised positions.

Between two equally skilled paralegals, the one with the better marketing gets the job. Master it, and you’d never be unemployed.

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