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The Top 4 Things to Consider Before Adopting a Child

Legal Adviser July 2, 2018
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Adopting a child is a big decision to make. You may have a dozen reasons why you want to adopt a child. But no matter what they are, there a lot of things to consider before div... read more

The Negative Influences of Divorce and Marital Instability on Young Children

Legal Adviser March 2, 2018
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In the US, an estimated 20 percent of first marriages end in divorce in the initial five years. This not very encouraging at all, yet divorce continues to be a reality many Amer... read more

Helping Your Child Go Through Your Divorce

Legal Adviser February 8, 2016
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Thousands of children go through the stress of divorce every year. At any age, kids may feel sad, angry, or uncertain upon learning that their parents are splitting up. This exp... read more

The Impact of a Protection Order on Child Safety

Legal Adviser October 1, 2015
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Similar to a “restraining order” and “civil protective”, a protection order is used in Colorado to protect a party from further harm or intimidation such as spouses deal... read more

Battle of the Sexes: Custody Laws and Gender Preferences

Legal Adviser September 7, 2015
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It is one of the pressing questions regarding child custody: do mothers have more rights compared to fathers? Fortunately for fathers, the answer sheds some rays of hope. No cus... read more