USCIS: H-1B Visa Applications Reaches Limit for FY 2018

Legal Adviser October 16, 2017
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Approved VisaThose who already applied for an H-1B visa here in Utah and other states may soon be able to work in the U.S., following the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services’ (USCIS) resumption of processing petitions.

H-1B visas allow skilled non-immigrants to work in specialty jobs in the country. American companies usually seek this requirement for foreign professionals such as doctors and engineers. The technology industry, for instance, greatly depends on this visa to employ overseas professionals every year.

Back to Work

The USCIS resumed the fast processing of all H-1B visa petitions on Sept. 18, subject to a limit of 65,000 applications for the fiscal year 2018. It suspended the processing of applications for five months, after receiving too many visa applications.

In India, those who work in the IT sector particularly want this kind of permit to gain employment in the U.S. The agency also said that premium processing resumed for 20,000 additional petitions, which are intended for applications with “a U.S. master’s degree or higher educational degree.”

It advised applicants that they would receive a refund for the premium processing service fee if it takes more than 15 calendar days. Still, the agency will continue to expedite the process in that scenario.

Other Petitions

The USCIS issued a temporary suspension of premium processing for other H-1B applications, including extensions of stay. The agency intends to start once again on processing petitions that are not under the limit.

If your application meets the agency’s criteria, you can ask them to expedite your petition. However, the approval will depend on your situation and granted at the discretion of USCIS officials.

Visa applications take time, so you should constantly check with the USCIS about any plans to begin accepting premium processing for other H-1B applications, which are not covered by the 2018 limit.

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