Understanding the 3 Common Types of Assault

Jane Campbell October 6, 2018
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man hitting a womanAssault is an attempt or threat to strike or physically touch an individual in a manner that offends them. Studies reveal that some people have been assaulted at some point in their lives. Domestic violence is one of the leading types of assaults, with some married people suing their partners for it.

An assault attorney can provide legal help anytime you or someone you know is charged with an assault. However, some people don’t understand the various types of assaults and the legal consequences, which sometimes make it difficult to get professional help. Defendsd.com outlines the most common ones.

Simple assault

This is a lesser degree of assault and most people refer to it as a misdemeanor. It happens when a person doesn’t use a weapon, but still causes minor injuries to a victim. The assault is committed when an individual recklessly or knowingly causes bodily injuries to another person. In addition, a simple threat of causing severe injuries that creates fear in the victim is enough to constitute a simple assault, which carries a jail sentence with it.

Aggravated assault

This entails an array of more severe assault charges than the simple one. This type of assault also involves using a weapon or the attack takes place in the event of the commission of another crime. To seek legal help for this type of assault, some state laws require that the victim suffers actual injuries, such as a heart attack, while escaping from the threat of violence.

For an assault to be considered aggravated, the offender must have the intention to cause injuries using a weapon, such as a motor vehicle, knives, or a gun.

Sexual assault

Also referred to as rape, a sexual assault entails sexual penetration without the consent of an individual. Husbands can be charged and convicted of sexually assaulting their wives. Sexual assaults involve threats of sexual violence if the victim is molested, left in fear of imminent rape, other sex crimes, and sodomy.

The penalties for assault vary based on the type and severity of the crime. Also, laws handle assaults differently. Therefore, an assault lawyer can help you handle an assault case because he or she understands the laws in your state.

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