Stuck in the Middle of Divorce: Overcoming Mental Paralysis

Legal Adviser November 23, 2016
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DivorceChanges can be scary, especially if said change involves divorce. After years of marriage, you and your spouse realize that it’s no longer working. Rather than endure the conflict, you settle for separation. Despite the obvious answer, however, some can’t seem to grasp the reality of their situation.

You might be one of them.

You know you want to leave, but then you don’t. Endless questions cross your mind: What about the kids? Who gets the house? Do you have enough money to get assistance from a Long Island divorce lawyer?

With so much information at hand, it’s easy to research too much. As a result, analysis paralysis occurs and you end up feeling stuck.

Overthinking — Never an Option

Divorce will always come with questions; dwelling in them, however, might not do you good. The endless stream of questions can drain you and paralyze you with fear.

It’s one thing to weigh all your options within a time frame; it’s another when you allow the choices to completely affect you. Sometimes, your worries are unproductive and do not contribute to your emotional welfare and happiness.

Rather than think of everything all at once, take things one step at a time. Think of what is currently in front of you instead. Your brain does not have the capacity to hold everything. Sort your priorities and deal with the top first.

Stop Fear Paralysis

Figuring out your options after the breakdown of your marriage is tough. Which option is best? As much as possible, you try to take control of the situation, hoping it would be in your favor. If it doesn’t, you shudder to think of the future.

Being paralyzed by fear keeps you from thinking rationally. Fear consumes you, which results in stunted decisions.

Don’t allow fear to control your next step. Try to accept that some things are out of your control; the best you can do is control your response. Pursue what is best for you and the children.

Decisions are not always perfect, but they are still yours.

Understandably, divorce comes with a set of worries, but don’t let this get you down. Learn to believe that your decisions will produce the best outcome. Believe in yourself and keep fighting.

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