Investing In Rural Property? Consider Townsville

Legal Adviser February 26, 2018
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TownsvilleThere’s a myriad of activities to do in Queensland. Chief among these leisure activities are those to do with communing or interacting with nature. Being part of Queensland and therefore blessed with an abundance of natural resources, Townsville is really a no-brainer choice when investing in rural property.

The vast farmlands make agribusiness in Townsville a good business opportunity. Aside from that, the region is home to unique attractions offering leisure activities that bring people to this part of Australia. Here are some of them.

The Billabong Sanctuary

Any nature lover touring at or near Townsville will want to check out the Billabong Sanctuary. It is a place where you can take fun and informative nature walks among Australia’s native flora and fauna.

These walks start at 9:15 AM daily. Highlights of this activity at the Billabong Sanctuary include holding a wombat, hand-feeding a cassowary, and having a python wrapped around your neck (and living to tell the tale!).

The Great Barrier Reef

You might prefer swimming or snorkeling, or perhaps even scuba diving, at the Great Barrier Reef. Dives here depart from Townsville or Magnetic Island. Participants get to choose from three options: snorkel, introductory dive, or certified diving (which includes two dives).

The highlight of this activity is getting to explore Lodestone Reef within this UNESCO-listed marine park. When participating in dives at the Great Barrier Reef, make sure to check out the Magnetic Island. Magnetic Island is a UNESCO-listed World Heritage Site, and it’s all you’d expect a world heritage site to be.

Imagine a tropical paradise that boasts a densely populated bird sanctuary, has more than 27 kilometres’ worth of walking trails, and situated in waters where you can engage in some of the best sport-fishing for anglers the planet has to offer, and you get an idea of just how idyllic a paradise Magnetic Island is.

Castle Hill

Those who seek more laid-back, not to mention safer and more mild-mannered, modes of communing with nature may want to consider visiting Castle Hill.

Castle Hill is the huge pink granite monolith that stands proudly erect at Townsville’s centre. It is just metres shy of being considered a mountain and visited by hundreds, if not thousands, of tourists each year.

Activities here include, but are by no means limited to, scenic walking areas that boast vista views of the Australian Coast, hiking trails, nature parks, varied outdoor activities, and more than a handful of famous sights and landmarks.

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