Don’t Let Your Teenage Driver Increase Your Insurance Costs

Legal Adviser September 24, 2018
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Driving lesson with instructor

Driving lesson with instructorOn turning 16, most teenagers can’t wait to get a hold of that magical piece of paper that empowers them to drive. They can’t wait to get behind the wheel and show you a thing or two about driving – blame that on television. As a parent, you can’t help the feeling of dread that comes over you.

For starters, teen drivers have a terrible reputation, and this development has an insurance cost implication. However, your wallet doesn’t need to take a beating when getting car insurance in Cicero, IL.

Make it a Family Affair

Driving a car is a privilege that carries a cost implication, and as such, the teenage driver needs to pull their weight to earn them. No, that doesn’t mean that you split costs with them. Far from it – there far easier ways to do this. Insurance companies have the notion that good students make good drivers on the road.

To this end, the reward students under 25 years who attain a 3.0-grade point average with good student discounts. By excelling at what you send them to school to do, your teenager can shave off up to 35% of your insurance costs.

Sign Them Up for Defensive Driving Lessons

Many insurance companies classify teen drivers in the high-risk category – and for a good reason. The CDC found that teen drivers cost insurance companies a princely $10 billion in claims after causing 11 percent of the motor vehicle injuries in 2013. Such statistics are part of the reason that insurance costs can even double when you bring on a teen into your cover.

Poor driving skills, inattention, and inexperience are some of the reasons to blame for the high numbers of accidents. Enrolling your teen driver for defensive driving classes keeps them safe on the road and delights the insurance companies. A state-approved driver improvement class can entitle you to discounts of up to 15 percent.

As a legal driving requirement, you can’t afford to drive your car without insurance coverage whose cost might be prohibitive if you have teen drivers. With a bit of effort, you lower these costs and keep them from burning a hole in your wallet.

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