Dating a Divorced Man: Is It Worth The Risk?

Legal Adviser October 27, 2016
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Divorced ManDivorced men are worth a lot more than their divorce and failed past relationships. They can still crave companionship and intimacy and some may even go on to pursue a new relationship. Their past mistakes might even guide them in making sure their future relationships don’t meet a similar end. So, what makes datin a divorced man worth the risk?

They Are Intent on Setting Things Right

Family therapist Rachel Sussman claims that wives are often verbal about their husband’s mistakes, whether it is about alcoholism or irresponsible parenting. Calling attention to their past faults could have helped them become more sensitive to their partner’s needs and are therefore more willing to adapt to change.

They Are Honest Communicators

Divorced men have experienced sharing finances, hectic schedules, and arguments with their former spouse. Their past experiences make them more open to sharing their feelings and addressing problems that most couples tend to avoid. Being honest and forthright is crucial in making any new relationship work.

They Are Serious About Commitment

Unlike lifelong bachelors plagued by a perpetual fear of settling down, divorced men have proven that they are interested in a partnership. They’re not afraid of talking about future plans, relationships, and intimacy. Men who were once married could be looking to feel the companionship they once had. They have the potential to forth a lot of effort to give love another chance and prove their worth.

Men who have gone through the process of hiring a divorce attorney, gone to court, and agreed on a settlement are a largely misunderstood member of the dating pool. They may, however, have a sensitive side and provide unexpected comforts to women who are willing to give them a chance.

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