After Receiving a Car Accident Summons: What’s Next For You?

Legal Adviser October 31, 2017
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Lawyer and client discussing about an ongoing car accident caseThe State of Illinois, like any other state in the nation, has stringent laws when it comes to operating motor vehicles. Primarily in the hopes of minimizing the possibility of car accidents, the regulations are harsh for those on the other end of lawsuits: the defendants who may have caused or even just partially caused the unfortunate incident.

When you find yourself on this side of a claim, it’s vital that you understand just how vital having a highly experienced Springfield, IL car accident attorney like Noll Law Office is. With such a legal professional on your side, you can prevent massive financial disasters that may arise from having to pay huge damages.

When the summons come

As soon as you receive a summons, it’s best that you get your defense built right away. You would have to respond within a specific time frame, and not meeting the deadline can cause you even more harm. And while your goal here is to answer that you don’t have a fault or that you are only partially at fault, the manner that you deliver your response can make or break your case.

Building a strong defense: Only possible with an experienced lawyer

In Illinois, defendants of car accident lawsuits can represent themselves without the help of a legal professional, and many choose to do this. However, before you go this path, keep in mind that there are just so many risks that can have a huge negative impact on your case. This, plus the fact that there are specific court procedures and county/city-specific regulations, makes self-representation not ideal for every case.

You don’t want to compromise the outcome of the lawsuit and find yourself in a highly unpleasant situation (for instance, paying the entire damage due to the courts placing the entire fault on you), so as soon as you receive the summons, retain an auto accident attorney right away.

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