ACT & SAT: Debunking Myths about Standardized Tests

Legal Adviser October 3, 2015
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StudentMany students study as hard as they can to pass standardized tests, though there are instances when made-up stories circulate around that keep them misinformed. It’s best not to believe such things, especially if the source isn’t credible.

Applications for graduate studies, business, medical, and paralegal schools need scores from GMAT, GRE, MCAT, or LSAT. If you’re bound for college or university, however, then you have to prepare requirements for a bachelor’s degree program — including the ACT and the SAT.

Myth #1 – You should take both to improve your chances of getting into the school you prefer.

This depends on your preferred school, but you don’t usually have to take both. Some people are good on the SAT (achievement test), while others do better on the ACT (aptitude test). Choose which you’re more comfortable with. Taking both doesn’t guarantee that you’ll have higher chances, but these may help your preferred school evaluate you better.

Myth #2 – One test is easier than the other (or the other way around).

Standardized tests are entirely different from each other, so there’s no better or easier choice. It all depends on how your brain functions. For instance, an academic student prone to test anxiety might do better at the ACT because it doesn’t focus much on memory skills (the things they’ve learned at school). A student who is analytic and has a deep vocabulary, on the other hand, may choose SAT.

Myth #3 – You should take both tests multiple times and pass only the highest score.

If you think that taking the ACT and the SAT many times helps you practice, then you could be doing more to bring down your evaluation. There are colleges and universities that ask for all your scores. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take the tests more than once, though. All you need is to take practice tests if you want to practice and take the tests when you’re in your best possible state.

These are only some of the myths you should take note of. Remember these properly to have the confidence to take the tests and pass them to your preferred schools.

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