3 Wives’ Tales about Conceiving a Girl

Legal Adviser October 26, 2018
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Pregnant woman holding bellyWhen it comes to predicting the baby’s gender, the old wives’ tale has a lot to tell. You may have referred to these superstitions yourself as you long for a baby girl. But you should remember that these tales are nothing but old stories being passed on to generations.

Here’s the truth behind these common old wives’ tales:

1. High Bump

According to myths, it’s definitely a girl when your belly is so high up. But science says the position of your bump has nothing to do with the baby’s sex. In fact, in some instances, the way you carry can change throughout the pregnancy. The bump’s position is a lot more about your abdominal muscles.

Health specialists in Provo explain that the bump will be high when a woman has tighter muscles. Women who are much older and have had pregnancies before tend to have more loose muscles, and therefore, will carry low. The only way to know the baby’s gender is to visit an obstetrician in Provo who would recommend tests to get an accurate assessment.

2. Acne Breakouts

You may have heard your friends say that it’s a girl when you have acne breakouts because the baby is ‘snatching’ your glow and beauty. That explanation alone should tell you that it's is a myth. The truth is you can only blame hormones for those breakouts and oily skin. The surge in hormone levels in the first trimester increases the production of natural oils in the skin, thereby clogging pores.

Avoid taking over-the-counter acne treatments, as these can be risky for you and the baby. Instead, go for all-natural aids, such as apple cider vinegar or honey. Consult your doctor as well for other treatments appropriate for your situation.

3. Wild Mood Swings

Some people say you’re having a girl when you’re extremely moody because this is often what happens when you’re having your monthly period. But the fact is there’s a lot of reasons you’re feeling that way, from fatigue and metabolism changes to increased hormone levels. Some moms also experience this due to anxiety associated with becoming a parent.

The good news is that there are many ways to manage stress. These include getting enough sleep, eating healthy, exercising, and spending quality time with your partner.

It's okay to believe in superstitions, as long as you don't put you and your baby's life in danger during the process. Getting professional help is still the best way to learn the truth about your pregnancy and the health of your unborn child.

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