Privacy Policy

Legal Adviser treats information provided by its readers and contributors as its top priority. We are well aware of the climate regarding the sharing of information online, and have taken the necessary measures of ensuring the safety of our partners and patrons.

How we Collect Information

Legal Adviser only records information freely given by its readers through our queries and contact us pages. No part of the website takes information from visitors without their knowledge, allowing readers to be as known or anonymous as they wish. There are no sign-ups or requirements needed to browse the information published on this site, and patrons are free to do what they will with the things they learn.

Why we Collect Information

Legal Adviser wants all of its readers to get the information they are looking for as quickly as possible to provide a better learning experience. The most common data we collect are names, email addresses, contact information,and page data for alerts regarding news stories. This also helps the website guide users and suggests stories that would interest them based on pages with the most visits.

Legal Adviserdoes not share visitor information with third party marketing sites, contributors, or external organizations for profit, and have no reason to compromise reader trust. The purpose of this site is for education, and not business.

How we Secure Information

The page data Legal Adviser collects does not extend beyond the user’s history of the site itself. We do not track data outside the website, but we do provide links to external websites for additional reading. Legal Adviser has no actual affiliation with external websites and assumes no responsibility for their privacy policies, their inclusion in our articles is for reference only.

Legal Adviser technical staff also conducts regular maintenance and security checks on the website to prevent malware, security breaches, and information leaks that can compromise the security of our visitor’s information.