Understanding the Types of Divorce Documents

Legal Adviser February 14, 2018
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Divorce decreeA divorce is an unfortunate event for most couples. It involves many documents, which will be necessary before, during, and after your divorce is final. It is wise to understand the records you will need to ensure that you get proper documentation.

The documents are used as proof of separation and will be required for various legal purposes. You might need different records after finalizing your divorce in Summit County, Colorado. Lewis & Matthews, P.C. cites some of the most important ones.

Divorce Certificate

This document contains the least information but is the most commonly used. It states the names of the divorcing parties, along with the place and time of the divorce. A divorce certificate is typically required for remarrying or alteration of names. A certificate is issued by your state’s statistics bureau.

Divorce Decree

This document contains the same details as a divorce certificate, along with information on the divorce ruling. These include the terms of custody, property division, alimony, and child support. It is signed by the judge and has your court case number. The only people with access to a divorce decree are often the divorcing parties and their attorneys. You can get a divorce decree from the court that granted your divorce application.

Divorce Record

This is the case file of your divorce. It holds all papers, sworn statements, and financial documents filed during your divorce, along with the divorce decree. It can be kept by either of the divorcing parties or their attorneys if they want to challenge the separation or for safekeeping.

Divorce records are open to the public with a few exceptions. You can choose to protect your records from public scrutiny by asking the court to file your record under seal. This is routine in cases where you wish to protect your children from identification, keep sensitive information private, or protect your business information.

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