Top Reasons Truck Drivers are Quitting Their Jobs

Legal Adviser September 6, 2018
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Truck driver looking far ahead

Truck driver looking far aheadIn the recent article published by the Washington Post, America is still facing a massive truck driver shortage. According to Joyce Brenny, head of the Brenny Transportation in Minnesota, they are still having a hard time looking for truck drivers despite the 15% salary increase. Read on to find out why.


One of the reasons truck drivers are quitting their jobs is because of the “rough” lifestyle. On an average, truck drivers are spending more than 10 working hours every day. There are even cases where they are “forced” to work on a short notice.

Breach of Contract

Many truck drivers are complaining that their employers are not following the terms of their contract. These include the working hours, schedule or shifts, wages and compensation, bonuses, and overtime work. It is important to review the terms before signing your employment contract. Be sure to keep all the documents and records in case you want to file a complaint.

Delayed Wages

Be careful when taking job offers. While some job postings can be deceiving, there are several cases where truck drivers are getting delayed wages from their employers. Do more research about the company you’re applying for. Make sure they are authorized by the local government. You can verify this information with the Washington State Department of Transportation.

Health Benefits

Another complaint raised by some truck drivers is the lack of insurance benefits. Surprisingly, there are still companies not providing any insurance or health programs for their employees. Again, always refer to your contract when it comes to these matters.

If you’re facing the same situation with your current employer, it is best to consult a truck labor attorney in Washington. Today, there are law firms offering a no-win-no-pay policy for their clients. They can even provide a free legal consultation.

It is also advisable to be familiar with the state’s labor code. This should be your reference in case you’re dealing with an abusive employer.

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