Wrong Death Case: What It Is and Its Causes

Legal Adviser May 4, 2018
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Wrongful Death documentThe passing of a loved one is a difficult experience to go through in life. The trauma due to death is even bigger if it is a result of another person’s negligence. When there is something that could prevent the death of an individual, the case is known as a wrongful death case and is punishable by law.

You, however, need good personal injury law attorneys, such as those from Nassar Law, who will defend your case in court. The most common causes of wrongful death include:

Medical Malpractice

When a doctor administers an incorrect dose to a patient or uses inappropriate medical practices, the patient risks losing his life. If the patient passes, you can sue the doctor and the health facility for wrongful death.

Motor Accidents

The number of people who are not observing traffic rules and regulations will surprise you. Driving practices such as inattentive driving, driving under the influence, or reckless driving can result in loss of life.

Defective Products

When products in the market have unclear instructions or poor labeling, users can use the products for the wrong purposes and cause death in extreme cases.

Inadequate Staff Training

Every workplace has work-related risks. It is the responsibility of the employer to ensure that the workplace is safe and that the workers undergo the relevant training before embarking on their tasks. Any avoidable negligence that can result in death in the workplace is punishable.

When filing a lawsuit against the wrongful death of a loved one, time is a critical aspect that you need to consider. Failure to report the claims in the stipulated period can nullify the right of compensation to the victim.

It is impossible to put a price tag on the life of an individual. However, if the deceased’s death is as a result of negligence, the person who is responsible ought to pay for their mistakes. Experienced personal injury law attorneys are helpful in obtaining the compensation for the wrongful death.

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