Three Things to Look for in a Bailiff Company

Legal Adviser October 23, 2017
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Debt collector visiting a couple's houseIf you are a creditor, whether it’s for business or personal reasons, chances are you have struggled with collecting money owed to you. When things get tough, and disputes cannot be resolved through settlement, a bailiff service is in order.

Bailiff 101

A bailiff is a person with legal authority to collect payments for money owed or regain property and assets. They can be employed by a court or by a private firm. They collect payments for these types of debts: business rentals, income tax, council tax, County Court Judgements (CCJ), High Court Judgements (HCJ), magistrates’ court fines, maintenance and child support, council taxes and parking penalties.

Difference Between a Bailiff and Debt Collector

Creditors used bailiff services when previous means to collect debts have failed, such as using a debt collector. There are major differences between the two. Bailiffs will issue a collection enforcement notice before showing up to a debtor’s premises. Bailiffs are also authorised to sell the debtor’s properties to raise funds for repayment while debt collectors cannot do so.

Things to Consider in Choosing a Bailiff Service

Given the sensitivity of the situation, creditors should choose a bailiff company that can handle the collection enforcement. Pioneering bailiff company MS Webb & Co. which has been in business for over 25 years asserts that a professional bailiff service should be executed efficiently and responsibly that protects both the creditor’s business and reputation. There are things to look for when hiring a bailiff company.

1. All their bailiffs that have passed all UK requisites of being an enforcement agent, enforcement officer or High Court enforcement officer.

2. The company should observe ethical practice and do not resort to harassment or bullying. They don’t use scare tactics, make threats or use false representations.

3. They have an impeccable track record encompassing years of experience, successful cases and a portfolio of satisfied clients.


Collecting debts and reclaiming properties are stressful to accomplish on your own. Having a trustworthy bailiff company to help regain your money and possession can spell the difference between money earned fairly and money lost right down the drain.

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