The Casualties of Divorce: Children and the Price They Pay

Legal Adviser May 24, 2016
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Family LawNo, you’re not a bad person. You’re not a bad parent, either. Divorce is a reality and a part of life — and it has both its ups and downs.

One of the sad things about it is that you really can’t stop how children react to it. Hiring a divorce attorney, such as Denver’s Lewis & Matthews, P.C., offers that is sensitive to kids’ needs is one important thing to do.

Knowing what the documented and scientific impact divorce and separation have to children is important too — especially if you want to know how to get through it with minimal damage. There has been extensive study about the effects of divorce, and most studies have come to fruition as the children in the divorces studied have finally come of age and social scientists are now about to draw conclusions.

These are:

1. Less financial security

Children from divorced families tend to have less stable means of providing for themselves when they grow older.

2. Lower academic achievement

Kids from divorced families don’t get grades as high as kids from intact families.

3. More likely to abuse alcohol and cigarettes

When kids from divorced families grow up, they are more likely to turn to alcohol and cigarettes or other substances to cope.

4. Resilience

Still, even if children from divorced households are more likely to have difficulty, they’re often more resilient and can handle the pressures of life more effectively.

Even if they may not earn as much or get higher grades, children from divorced families are capable of taking a lot more than kids from intact families. But, you do need to help them through it. There are ways to soften the blow and move forward as gently as possible — which is the best you can do for your children.

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