Guide to Evicting Informal Settlers the Proper Way

Legal Adviser April 20, 2018
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man handing an eviction noticeIn these tough times, some people have no choice but to live in a place unlawfully that is not theirs to put a roof over their heads and survive. However, this seems like a tougher challenge if the property they are using happens to be yours.

If you are not sure on how to handle this situation, this article will be your guide for evicting squatters the right, proper and legal way.

Think before you act

It is inevitable to get upset and confrontational once you have known your property has informal settlers. However, trying to let these kinds of emotions control you will never result in anything good. Remember that using threats or violent force to evict squatters by yourself is a crime.

Calm yourself down and think well before you act.


Initiating communication with the squatters could be a method to figure out the most suitable way of evicting them. Through this, you can gather much-needed information that can aide your eviction plan.

Through communication, you will also determine if they are remorseful or aggressive toward you.

If they are the latter, it just shows that leaving your property is not part of their plan. Thus, getting assistance from the bailiff’s office might be the right solution for you.

Get legal advice and assistance

This situation is none but a tough one since there are many factors to consider. There are instances that squatting is tolerable under civil law or, on the other hand, an offence under criminal law. This is dependent whether your land is occupied or not, or if it will be occupied soon.

Given these conditions and factors to consider, it would be easier on your part to get legal advice and assistance from a bailiff office. They will give you tips and guidelines on what you can do depending on your situation, and a cue to ask for their presence and legal power should the need arise.

Through this guide, the process of evicting squatters from your property follows the right, proper and legal way.

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