Divorce in Colorado – Getting Help from a Lawyer

Legal Adviser October 15, 2016
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Divorce in ColoradoNo two states in the US have the same divorce laws. Colorado’s divorce laws are fairly straightforward; those who wish to end their marriage have to file for a “no-fault” divorce. Prior bad acts are not considered and property division, alimony and child custody are decided based on this principle. Any Denver divorce lawyer in good standing will be able to help couples get a clear idea of the conditions to meet, before filing.

Petitioner Requirements

Residency: One or both of the petitioners has to live in the state for at least 90 days before filing for a divorce.

Forms: There are separate forms for those with children and those without. Any divorce lawyer in Colorado can offer advice on the required forms and information to be filled out.

Property division: Spouses can either decide how to divide property and offer a confirmed separation agreement in court. Otherwise the judge will do it for them based on whether it was acquired before the marriage, if items were gifted or inherited etc. Marital property will be divided fairly between both parties based on set factors.

Alimony in Colorado: Spouses can also agree beforehand on how much alimony to offer and for the time period. If they are not able to decide, the judge can order the paying spouse to the supported spouse. If the spouse requiring alimony can prove they don’t have enough money to support themselves, they will be eligible for a higher amount. Factors taken into consideration are age, available resources, length of marriage etc.

Child custody: There is a difference between legal and physical custody. The parent with legal custody makes all decisions related to a child’s welfare. Physical custody is awarded to parents based on the parent’s wishes and also considering the child’s best interests. All of the details can be worked out in advance as well.

Divorces do cost money and information is available online about filing fees, attorney fees, and other details. Get a free consultation with a lawyer after doing your homework and chart a plan of action.

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