4 Specific Ways Your Paralegal Career Will Help You Through Law School

Legal Adviser January 29, 2017
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Online Paralegal Training

Online Paralegal TrainingA job as a paralegal will make you rub elbows with great lawyers at a young age. It will also expose you to the language of the law and give you a first-hand experience of how justice works.

With more opportunities and better Internet-based paralegal schools coming to life, is it the best stepping stone towards a law degree?

The Law School Admission Test

This test is the gateway to law school applications. With your experience inside law firms, many of the concepts in these tests can already be familiar to you. While a passing LSAT course does not guarantee slots in the best law schools, the extra points your paralegal experience will give you better chances.

As a Student

Select law firms have scholarship opportunities for paralegals working for them. If you seize one of these, it can help pay off the tuition fees. As law schools are more flexible, there is the option of taking night classes and working during the day.

Direct Experience in Many Fields

This applies specifically to paralegals who worked with smaller pro-bono law firms. Here, paralegals will get exposed to a more diverse application of the law. This will not just be a great source of new skills, but it can also spark a passion for law – much needed under law school duress.

Great Recommendations

If you do your best while doing paralegal work, you are more likely to receive a glowing recommendation from lawyers. This can have a positive impact on your application. A great letter can prove you have what it takes to survive law school.

Demand for paralegals remains high in the U.S. and there are now more ways to gain paralegal training. If you have been thinking about the lawyer title for your name, consider taking the paralegal route.

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