3 Situations You Need a Competent Land Lawyer

Legal Adviser June 26, 2018
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land lawyerA land property can be one of the most lucrative investments anyone can have. Unfortunately, things can be complicated when it comes to land issues. Whether you’re selling land, buying land or trying to keep the land, there are times when you need the aid of a competent Maori land lawyer. In fact, here are three specific instances when hiring one to stand by you is probably the best decision you can make:

Buying or Selling

These two are the most basic situations you’ll need a land lawyer for. For one, land lawyers can simplify the processes involved with title transfers. Also, they can make sure that the prices and paperwork are in the right order before any sale happens. In essence, they can help you avoid any issues down the line. Make sure they’re there for every step of the process.

Eminent Domain

While it rarely happens, the application of eminent domain can be challenging. It’s essentially the right of any government to appropriate a portion of private land for public use. This is most often the case when it comes to building new roads or expanding existing ones. There’s always compensation, so having a great land lawyer will help negotiate compensation that is beneficial to you.

Border Disputes

Border disputes with neighbours are more common than you think. These normally manifest when construction work is close to the edge of your property line. There are also instances wherein your neighbours contest the extent of your construction. With a competent land lawyer, you can make sure your rights are protected prior to even beginning your project.

Should face any of these three challenges, it’s important that you hire a competent land lawyer to back you up. You need a professional that protects your rights and has your best interests in mind.

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