2017: A Year of Technological Change for the Legal Industry

Legal Adviser January 24, 2017
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Technological Change for the Legal IndustryThe legal industry may have been slow to embrace advances in technology, but 2017 seems like the year to explore new opportunities. Legal services are now a lot more transparent than they were in the past, especially due to the internet and the accessibility of data. The news shows how the industry holds potential for growth. In what ways, then, can people expect to see the online shift of the legal field?

Easy Access to Legal Services

Using the internet is now part of everyone’s daily routine, and people are becoming more comfortable with accessing the web and using mobile-based applications. With almost everything up online, reaching a lawyer will be just as easy. In fact, taking an online paralegal course is already a common option among students — this year, 21st-century lawyers will also incorporate the online shift into their practice to expand their reach to a wider audience.

An Increase in the Number of Attorneys

The legal industry has had its ups and downs. While some corporate law firms have faced layoffs in the past, there has been recent news showing that the salaries of legal practitioners have skyrocketed. Embracing technology, therefore, could also lead to a potential increase in the number of lawyers in the country. The influx of lawyers poses an advantage as it makes it easier to connect more clients with lawyers.

Online Services: A Balance between Quality and Cost

Some clients may be attracted to large law firms since they can solve problems right away, but they do come at the cost of paying a higher fee. While solo practitioners exist, and are, in fact, the heart and soul of the profession, they may have a lower efficiency rate compared to their counterparts. Online lawyers could strike the right balance between the two, as they offer specialized services with more flexible pay options.

Technology is changing the face of the legal industry. With the help of the internet, it’ll be easier for lawyers to expand their influence and reach out to a wider audience.

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