Why Competent Criminal Defense is Crucial

Legal Adviser August 8, 2018
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defense lawyer talking to clientMany people accused of a crime do not understand the importance of having a competent counsel. They look to the state to provide a public defender to represent them to avoid paying for private lawyers. However, that may cost them more than money. It may even cost them their lives.

The right to an attorney

The Miranda warning is more than a thing the police say to a defendant. It’s a summary of your rights as a defendant. One of them is the right to a lawyer, so take that seriously. A lawyer can help you right from the start. It’s important not to say anything to the police without having one even if you’re innocent of a crime. Many innocent people have gone to prison because they didn’t have competent counsel.

Public defenders are overworked

A public defender is good enough for you. After all, lawyers who often serve as public defenders are competent. Given enough time and money, most may be able to give a competent counsel. Unfortunately, public defenders have more work than they can handle. Most of them have to juggle several cases at the same time. Unfortunately, your case may fall through the cracks. They also have to deal with a lack of resources when it comes to mounting a good defense.

Defense lawyers need time

A private defense lawyer, like those in Kent, does not have the problems of a public defender. They can focus on your case and mount you a good defense if you get one as soon as possible. In some cases, the lawyer may even be able to have the charges dismissed. You will avoid all the stress and problems of a case actually going to trial if you have competent counsel right at the start.

The right to counsel is there for very good reasons. You should not think about the financial cost if you stand accused of a crime. You need a competent defense lawyer at the start to make sure you get the best defense possible.

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