Types of Compensation You Can Claim After a Car Accident

Legal Adviser July 13, 2018
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Insurance Claim FormCar accidents happen even to the most careful drivers. You, after all, have little control over how other drivers will act on the road. You are entitled to some form of compensation for the injuries you suffer and any other loss. Though most drivers are quick to pursue compensation, few know exactly what they can ask for.

In Los Angeles, law firms like Haffner Law know that one of the most overlooked forms of compensation that you can get after a car accident is property damage. This makes a lawyer one of the most important experts in your car accident case. Here are the three primary forms of property damage.

Cost of Repair

This is the most desired form of property damage after a car accident. The amount requested is how much you used or will need to repair your vehicle. Some insurance companies have specific mechanics for this, while others let you choose a mechanic and then reimburse you.

Loss of Use

This form of property damage is meant to refund you for the cost you incurred during the time you could not use your car. This includes the cost of hiring cabs, car rentals, or taking a bus. Receipts of the expenses incurred are the proof needed to recover loss of use damages.

Diminished Value

All vehicles suffer an intrinsic loss of value after an accident regardless of how well they can be fixed. To make a strong case in diminished value, you need to get your car regularly appraised. This will give you a recent appraisal of your vehicle before the accident to compare with its estimated worth after the crash.

The primary concern in an auto accident is your health. After sorting this out, it is only fair that you get the appropriate compensation for your car. Insurance policies are different. Get a lawyer who is well versed in insurance to help you understand and pursue your options.

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