Three Concepts to Teach Your Child

Legal Adviser March 13, 2018
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A parent holds the hand of a child

A parent holds the hand of a childEach situation calls for a reaction from your child, and if you’ve taught them well, they will react productively. Children who have not received proper guidance from their parents while growing up may resort to aggression or conflict, which may only make matters worse.

Raising a child as a divorcee seems to make it twice as hard, especially if you’ve got primary custody. To make things easier, start with three concepts that are important for your child to understand at an early age:


When they are going through a tough time, it’s easy to think they are all alone and that no one understands them. Show them that you are there to offer emotional support and will not judge them for not knowing what to do. The concept of child support is another important matter, so they know that their other parent is offering help in a different form. That way, they will understand what it means when you’re in contact with a child support law firm in Lynnwood.


Not everyone believes in karma, but it’s a popular concept that can guide your children only to do things that have a positive impact. The idea that “what goes around comes around” teaches them that whatever they put out there–whether it’s kindness or selfishness–will return to them. And you would want them to get used to the former rather than the latter.


Knowing they can depend on others helps them to be productive. Without feeling the weight of having to work alone, they know how to survive in a team and how to act like a member of the said team. This also helps develop their social skills and encourages them to speak up about issues they find in a group.

As a parent, your view on things shapes your child’s behavior. If you show them that you are supportive, kind, and dependable, they will consider these important qualities.

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