Things to Remember when Buying your Own House

Legal Adviser May 7, 2018
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A model of a house over a property contractAcquiring a new house for you and your family is a huge step. It will most likely be one of the biggest steps that you would have to take, which is why it is important to know the proper steps that you have to take when buying a new house, such as sorting out property conveyancing fees and the likes.

Determine your Budget

Nothing is more frustrating than knowing that the house that you want is out of your budget’s scope. Make sure to determine your budget beforehand and look for houses that are within your range. Never go overboard, as this can only mean trouble for you.

Always remember to include additional costs such as moving expenses, mortgage payments, stamp duty, and conveyancing fees.

Give an Offer

Negotiating with your seller or agent should always be on your mind. Go ahead and do your research on how much the neighbouring properties are, and then compare the house that you want to it. Put an offer that seems reasonable, so you would not be frustrated when your seller turns it down.

The Conveyancing Process

If your offer has been accepted, then you should go ahead and start the conveyancing process. Look for a trusted solicitor and ask them to do all of the legal paperwork for you. Arrange a very comprehensive survey to highlight all of the issues in the house that you are trying to buy. Once you know the damages, you can then try to lower the offer, as the repairs would cost you a few more quids.

Signing the Contract and Arranging the Move

Before signing on the dotted line, make sure to read the contract thoroughly. If you have any questions or suggestions, then go ahead and tell your seller or agent so they can tweak it.

You should also start arranging a schedule for the moving truck to come pick up the stuff at your house. Taking care of this early on will lessen your burden of moving out of your old house an into the new.

Know the costs of buying a new house before deciding on doing so. This will prevent you from having problems in the future when acquiring your new home.

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