The Negative Influences of Divorce and Marital Instability on Young Children

Legal Adviser March 2, 2018
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A family partyIn the US, an estimated 20 percent of first marriages end in divorce in the initial five years. This not very encouraging at all, yet divorce continues to be a reality many American families have to face. The emotions are hard for adults to navigate, and often, children do not understand the situation entirely.

The negative influences of marital issues

Couples undergoing a divorce can rely on the help of a child support attorney in Lynnwood to assist them in their custody claim. In the midst of the custody battle are children who are often too young to cope, especially when left without effective support and supervision.

Children are vulnerable, and in coping with abrupt changes in their family, they could resort to disruptive behaviors. The effects of marital instability on children are multi-faceted, and studies have shown the negative influences of these events in their young lives to be long-lasting.

For one, having divorced parents more often than not affect how they deal with their own intimate relationships as adults.

Effects on children’s performance

A bad divorce is something couples want to avoid, especially when there are kids involved. Children who have had this experience tend to have more issues than those raised in stable and happy families.

Some studies reveal that their performance in school — mathematics, in particular — suffer. In terms of behavior, boys are especially prone to aggressive behavior and children of divorcing parents are less able to focus and concentrate on school activities.

Some children manifest signs of depression, which is more prevalent in girls than boys. Other behavior issues they exhibit are anxiety, anger, impulsiveness, and poor social skills.

Parents have a powerful effect on their children. By serving as good examples, they can influence their kids’ behaviors and thought processes. The quality of parent-child relationships might suffer during a divorce, but parents are still responsible for ensuring the well-being and health of their offspring.

By becoming aware of potential problems among kids, parents can help and support them through the most trying times in the early part of their lives.

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