The Cheating Husband: Find Out if There’s Someone Else

Legal Adviser February 28, 2016
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Cheating Husband

Cheating Husband Your husband was never late for dinner during your first few years together. Now, he hasn’t changed jobs and yet all of a sudden he’s always stuck in a meeting or away on a conference — or some other excuse not to be home. He never used to like wearing T-shirts and sneakers because, according to him, they made him look like he’s trying hard to look young. Now he’s into Vans and Nirvana T-shirts. What gives?

Is he cheating?

It’s obvious that something has changed. For such situations, it’s always good for couples to talk. But when you suspect your husband of cheating, that’s easier said than done. Such things are touchy subjects and may even need advice and assistance from Denver, CO divorce lawyers, says Whether your husband is guilty or not, he’s not likely to own up to it. Chances are, you’ll also be too emotional to think straight, and you’ll get into a fight. And fighting is hardly ever the right way to the resolution of a problem.

Should you hire a private investigator?

Private investigators are licensed to perform surveillance and gather evidence. They are trained to do their job well; some of them became investigators after a stint in the police force or the military. A private investigator has the training, tools, and experience that you don’t. But their most important asset is perhaps their lack of emotional involvement in what they are investigating, which means they will have a more objective view and they’re not likely to become emotional, whatever happens. Their testimony and the evidence they gathered is admissible in court, which is good if you decide to file for divorce.

Should you hire a lawyer?

Of course, even before you decide to pay someone to investigate your spouse; it’s always good to talk to a divorce lawyer. Your lawyer may even have contacts of private investigators who they can recommend. Your lawyer will also be able to tell you what’s legal or not, and what you can use in court to support your case.

If you suspect your husband is cheating, try not to confront him. This might put him on the defensive and you’ll end up fighting. Talk to your lawyer about hiring a private investigator. It may not be cheap, but it’s safer and more effective than doing the investigation yourself.

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