Serial Killers Aren’t the Only Ones Who Need Defense Attorneys

Legal Adviser September 7, 2015
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knifeYou’re probably thinking that only hardened criminals like murderers, robbers, or terrorists need a defense attorney; even drive-by shooters, wife beaters, swindlers or thieves, the likes of which are the swine who can rot in the annals of society need one, too.

Nevertheless, the fact remains that everyone is innocent until proven guilty. Even if a person is accused of committing the most heinous of crimes, they still deserve the right to face a court of law. Besides, pop culture has influenced us to associate major crime with criminal defense attorneys. From Houston, insists that criminal defense attorneys aren’t needed just for major crimes.

Being accused of any crime, no matter how odd or minor, is a very serious matter. An individual facing criminal charges risks penalties like jail time and a criminal record.  Such penalties are quite daunting, especially for people who are innocent or at the very least, had no ill intentions. Some people wake up in the morning, go about their routine, and at the end of the day find themselves being charged with a criminal offense.

For example, a driver from Orient, Maine was summoned to court after he crashed his car into a tree while he was taking a selfie. Two women were arrested for fighting each other on a JetBlue flight at JFK Airport.

It may seem unlikely, but when you do need a defense lawyer, it would pay to look for one you can rely on. Here a few things to look for in a defense lawyer.

  • Good Negotiation Skills

Most cases are settled outside the courtroom. The prosecution and the defense negotiate on terms, and later present them to the judge to approve. A good defense attorney must have the necessary skills to land his client the best possible deal, without even having to step into a courtroom. Because as every legal drama says, “you’re screwed once this goes to court.”

  • Research Savvy

Not just the skills in researching precedents and other cases. That’s a given of course, but this is about the skill to dig into the context of the alleged crime, and for possible circumstances that the authorities may have overlooked.

  • Great Analytical Skills

A defense lawyer must have analytical skills that can surpass Google Analytics. He should be able to keep his cool, read the situation, and make the best moves based on careful analysis.

  • A Load of Knowledge and Wisdom

A good attorney knows the intricacies of the law and uses this knowledge to the best of his ability. He is wise enough to know how the judge presides and the prosecution operates. He’s wise enough to stay on good terms with law enforcement.

  • Integrity

Perhaps this is the most important quality a defense lawyer should possess. A great defense lawyer has a high level of integrity. He is honest in his methods. He keeps his client up to speed with the progress of the case, and is upfront about the likely outcome of the proceedings.

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