Resolving to End Things

Legal Adviser September 21, 2018
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couple going through divorce

couple going through divorceWhen a marriage or civil partnership breaks down, for whatever reason, avoiding unnecessary confrontation benefits all parties. This is especially important when there are children involved. However, keeping hostility out of the equation can be easier said than done.

A good first step to ensuring that a marriage or civil partnership ends as amicably as possible is to acquire the services of a Portsmouth family law solicitors that is a member of Resolution, such as Andrew & Andrew.

What is Resolution?

Formerly known as the Solicitors Family Law Association, Resolution is an organisation that encourages a non-confrontational approach in all matters of family law. They also carry out campaigns to improve the justice system as it relates to family law and provide training and resources to those wanting to take a constructive approach to family law matters.

Resolution has over 6,500 members across the UK, including certain Portsmouth family law solicitors. All members must agree to follow Resolution’s Code of Practice.

What does following the Resolution Code of Practice mean in practice?

As a Resolution member, a Portsmouth family law solicitors firm must diligently follow each tenet of their Code of Practice. In brief, this includes conducting themselves as follows:

– avoiding the use of inflammatory language and striving to keep confrontation to a minimum

– always putting the interests of any children involved first

– providing clients with all of their options and clearly explaining the long-term ramifications of any decisions made, in terms of both financial and emotional wellbeing

– behaving in an honest, respectful, non-judgemental and objective manner.

What can a family law solicitor help with?

Family law solicitors in Portsmouth and elsewhere can help with a range of sensitive family law disputes. By seeking the help and advice of a family law solicitor as soon as possible, tensions can be diffused before they escalate.

Legal matters that fall under the remit of family law include:

– divorce and separation

– financial arrangements, including consent orders

– child arrangement orders

– international and cross-border disputes

– legal arrangements prior to marriage

– civil dissolution

Responsible legal instruction on these and other matters can make dealing with the fallout from the end of a relationship easier to bear.

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