Now I am the Master: A Lawyer’s Journey

Legal Adviser March 3, 2016
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Lawyers Lawyers are seasoned professionals that command the respect of many people because of their trade. They are knowledgeable in the law, its writing, practice and every one of its nook and crannies. Practicing in many specializations such as taxation, family law, succession, corporate and criminal to name a few, lawyers fill a fundamental niche in society. They help get out of legal binds. But for all their supposed almighty reputations, they once started as bumbling students memorizing the preambles of the United States Constitution.

So who are these people? Here are the three phases of their journey to becoming masters of the law.


All lawyers started out as law students. And even before that, they were students taking up pre-law majors. This is the phase where the student decided he was going to be a lawyer – for better or worse. This is them taking up pre-law majors such as political science, economy, business administration, et cetera. Finishing these, they moved up to law school. Many lawyers would recall this part of their lives as the years where sleep was scarce and they were neck-deep in studying cases for the daily recitation in class. This is where they learn the fundamental principles and doctrines with regards to the law.


A few taxing years into law school, the student slowly grasps the knowledge of the law doctrines and principles, as well as recitation and speech skills. It is here where you can see the future lawyer takes form. Apart from the classroom lectures and endless case studies, students start actual hands-on legal work. More or less, students choose to start training as paralegals. Here, they get to experience first-hand the intricacies of legal work serving as staffs and aides to full-fledged lawyers. This is where they learn beyond the classroom, taking in lessons that will stick with them for the day they become a…


The student has been studying through law school for years now, incorporating lessons learned in the classroom and skills learned in internships. Upon graduating from law school, they now take the bar exams to get their credentials as a full-fledged lawyer. Once a member of the bar, they can now legally practice their profession. They can work as public attorneys, or go ahead and start law firms on their own. Either way, all those years of slogging through law school is now made worth it. They are now masters of their profession.

The journey to become a lawyer in the US is a long and arduous one, The Center For Legal Studies reminds. But hey, it’s the journey, not the destination that counts.

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