How Can an Adoption Attorney Help?

Legal Adviser March 28, 2018
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Lawyer smilingAdoption is the process of legally transferring all the rights of the birth parents to another person or couple. After the completion of an adoption, all parental rights of the birth parents are terminated. The adoptive parents then assume all legal rights and responsibilities of raising the child such as making important decisions regarding their education, religion, and medical treatment. Adopted children have the same rights as the natural offsprings of their adopted parents, so they also have the right to an inheritance.

The laws governing adoption proceedings will vary from state to state, but all those interested in adopting a child must meet income and age requirements. Furthermore, the parental rights of the birth parents must be severed before you enter an adoption decree. This will prevent them from exercising their rights over the child later on.

Types of adoption

There are many types of adoption, but it can either be an open or closed adoption. An open adoption allows the child to still have some form of contact with his or her previous family such as letter and picture sharing, phone calls, or even meeting them personally. This is often the case when the child is old enough to remember his or her birth family and wants to keep in touch with his or her siblings.

A closed adoption, on the other hand, prohibits contact between the adoptive family and the birth family, so there is no identifying information shared between the two families. This is often the case with infant adoptions or if there are any issues about the birth parents that makes a closed adoption an appropriate choice. The common types of adoption are:

1. Adoption of a stepchild

2.Independent adoption

3. International adoption

4. Adoption of a relative

5. Adoption of an adult

6. Infant adoption

Why hire an adoption lawyer?

Before you get too excited about the thought of adoption, you must not lose sight of the fact that there are complex legal procedures you need to go through. There are tons of paperwork associated with adoption and missing just a single one can cause you a lot of trouble. An adoption attorney in Colorado Springs, such as one from the Law Office of Gordon N. Shayne, will make sure that all documents are filed on time to avoid problems. Your lawyer will also accompany you during court representations to help you make your case before a judge.

When choosing an adoption lawyer, make sure that they have the right skills and experience for your case. This is especially important if your family falls under legal gray areas like military or same-sex couples. A qualified and savvy lawyer understands all the unique laws about your case and knows how to use it to your advantage.

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