How Bad is a DWI Conviction on Your Record?

Legal Adviser January 26, 2015
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drunk driver

drunk driverLooking back, perhaps you really should have listened when they told you that it was too dangerous to drive. But you insisted that it was only a few drinks, and that you were perfectly capable of making it back home. It was just a short trip, and besides, what were the odds of a cop pulling you over that exact night?

Turns out that lady luck wasn’t on your side after all, and now you’re facing a DWI charge. You have had plenty of time to kick yourself; now, it’s time to think about what will happen next. Other than the hit to your reputation, you have to know about the short and long term consequences of a DWI conviction.

Immediate ramifications that you face

The possibility of jail time and heavy fines are probably what you are worried about most right now. This is a big part of why you need the help of criminal lawyers; Houston courts will not hesitate to convict you if you cannot mount a solid defense. Being convicted means having to pay thousands of dollars and serve months or years in jail, depending on how severe your crime was.

Of course, you can’t neglect the license suspension and the restrictions that the court will place on your driving. If you are like most Americans and need a car to even get to work on time, this can be a huge issue. Unless you can use public transportation, a bike, or hitch a ride with someone every day, a DWI is going to have some serious effects on your daily life.

The long term impact on your career

A conviction stays on your record for years, and any employer can find it easily with the simplest of background checks. It’s a severe handicap that will greatly affect your chances of landing a dream job. Companies choosing between two equally matched applicants would much rather hire the one without a history of drunk driving.

It’s not all bad, though. How badly a DWI affects your career varies greatly depending on several factors. Most employers will understand if it’s just a onetime offence, and you otherwise have a spotless record. They will be much less forgiving if you have multiple counts, and you’re applying for a position that requires a lot of driving around.

Regardless, your first priority is to avoid a conviction at all costs. Speak with your lawyer, and find out your options.

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