Handling Men Who Cannot Handle Divorces

Legal Adviser April 28, 2015
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man cheatedMen react differently upon hearing the news of divorce. While many are able to keep their composure and have a civil conversation, others take the news badly. Akin to a Jekyll and Hyde personality, they turn into someone else and lash out, which is alien to their former behavior.

It can get scary when a man seems to be fuming at a woman’s decision to divorce him. To deal with it head on or straightforward is very much like charging towards a raging bull. It will not end well and both parties would only come out of it damaged.

How can a woman deal with such an emotionally charged situation?

The Truth about Men

A family law attorney in Denver, CO noted, “Divorce has a profound effect on many aspects of life, and the entire process is an emotionally exhausting one. There are many stages throughout a divorce procedure and times during those stages when you will face the spouse who has caused you pain.” Couples should keep their emotions in check all the time. For feelings to flow all at once is a disaster, and no other thing can open that gate wider than a divorce. What makes it worse is that men do not usually expect women to divorce them.

Handling Men Who Can’t Handle Divorces

Listening, more than compassion and pity, works best when dealing with a man reacting nastily to a divorce. It has worked countless times before in all kinds of situation, from large-scale conflicts to personal dilemmas. After hearing him out, it is better for a woman to express how she came to the decision. Even though men are stubborn to listen, women must try their best to make them understand.

If the woman needs time and space to think, they may reassure their husband that they will be back to sort things out. In addition, anticipate what he might do to prevent further damage in the relationship. The last thing you will want is for bad blood to develop between you and your husband.

Going Through the Ugly Part

No matter how levelheaded your husband may seem, always be prepared for the worst-case scenario. You cannot expect it to be all smooth sailing if you are dropping that kind of ball. When reason and logic goes out of the window, seek the help of someone close to your husband.

The objective is to make him accept your decision. If the same thing is put on you, you will want the same thing. Even though you are the one breaking up, both parties will end up better or worse on how you handle the divorce.

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