For First-Time Home Buyers: Conveyancing in a Nutshell

Legal Adviser February 26, 2017
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Home Buying For first-time home buyers, a solicitor or conveyancer can be a godsend. The most reliable ones can help buyers sift through reams of paperwork and confusing processes. They also help orchestrate the transfer of property and make sure the buyer stays on top of the process, taking a load off of your shoulders. As they make sure that the buying process never meets any delay or hitch, they even help you save on cash.

They key to maximising this kind of service, however, is finding the right conveyancing solicitors. Here are some things you need to know if you’re looking to enlist the help of one:

Handling the Tough Stuff

Essentially, conveyancing refers to the legal transfer of property from the original owner to the buyer. It may sound plain, but to make the transaction successful, the solicitor needs to be on top of quite a lot of things.

For one, they need to run searches to find a local authority or a water authority. They also need to handle the contracts, transfer funds, negotiate with the Land Registry and liaise with all the parties involved.

It is vital to find a reliable conveyancer, as they will make it a point to complete all the paperwork on time. They are likely to provide transparent costs, and you will be able to reach them easily in case you have questions. A responsible solicitor will make the process far less stressful for you as well as minimise delays and if possible, cut costs.

Don’t Go Far: Choose Local

For a high level of support, experts recommend looking for a local firm, as they tend to have fewer team members. Consequently, you will be able to build a strong professional relationship with the team during the process. Furthermore, as they tend to handle a smaller list of local clients, they are also likely to respond to your concerns faster and accomplish the process according to schedule.

Buyers will also benefit from hiring a solicitor who knows the area, as well as any special circumstances that may impede the home buying process.

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