Do You Need a Lawyer for your Business?

Legal Adviser October 20, 2015
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Business Lawyer

Business LawyerThere are times when it is a no-brainer to hire a lawyer, such as when you are facing a lawsuit. Nonetheless, know that people hire lawyers for different situations, including business matters. A great business lawyer can offer expert assistance in different aspects of your business – from compliance with zoning laws, to contract arrangements.

Warring Dosdall, P.A. explains the situations that may call for the services of a business lawyer:

  • Business Organizations: You will require an attorney to aid you in deciding whether a limited liability company or corporation is better for you. They may assist in preparing all required paperwork and making special allocations.
  • Business Contracts: You need a lawyer who can easily and quickly understand your business, prepare standard contracts with clients and suppliers, and aid you in responding to business contracts that requires your signature.
  • Licenses and Taxes: While it is mainly your accountant’s job to handle yearly tax returns, your business attorney ca assist in handling the registration for state and federal tax ID numbers and the essential tax consequences of your daily business operations.
  • Real Estate: Commercial space leases are extremely complicated and are oftentimes drafted for the landlord’s benefit. As these tend to be documents in printed form, an unsuspecting person may think that these are not negotiable even if they are. A lawyer can draft a standard “tenant’s addendum” that will state provisions for your benefit.
  • Intellectual Property Rights: If your business is in the filed of design, media, or something similar, hire a lawyer who can handle service and product registrations for copyright protection and trademark.

If you are not entirely sure of your legal rights, it’s a good idea to have a business lawyer on retainer to assess your specific situation and recommend the best options for you. While you may end up spending extra for consultations, it could save you time and money in the end.

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