Car Accidents: When and When NOT to Hire a Lawyer?

Legal Adviser June 12, 2018
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Car collisionIn general, you probably won’t need to hire an attorney if you got into a car accident and no one was injured on both sides. If you’ve sustained minor injuries that won’t inhibit your daily life and heal in a week or so, your insurance provider could take care of everything for you—hospital bills, repairs to your car, and other related financial matters.

Although it might feel that you are on your own during the insurance claims process, you could work with representatives from your insurance provider to help you out.

When Should You NOT Hire an Attorney?

If you are entitled to receive a settlement due to the minor injuries you suffered as a result of the car accident that’s worth around $1,000 in hospital bills, you could try negotiating the settlement amount with the insurance adjuster, provided that you do your due diligence and familiarize yourself with the entire claims process, suggests an experienced car crash attorney from a renowned law firm in Kent.

This kind of claim is known as a “small claim”, and if this is the case, you need to do all that you can to convince your insurance provider to give you a sufficient amount for covering expenses related to the accident such as car repairs, medical bills, and lost wages.

When Should You Hire an Attorney?

In the event that you suffered severe injuries as a result of a car accident, you should consider seeking legal help, especially if you’re not getting sufficient funds from your insurance provider. In addition, it’s usually best to hire an attorney if your car accident one or more of the following:

  1. Permanent injuries
  2. A motorcycle
  3. A defective component of your vehicle, like the brakes
  4. A cyclist or pedestrian
  5. A driver who was under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs
  6. Road construction
  7. Head-on collision
  8. A bus or truck
  9. Insufficient insurance coverage for damages and injuries
  10. Lost wages that your insurance provider won’t reimburse

If one or more of the above are involved in your car accident, you need to act fast and get legal help as soon as you’re able. If you waste your time negotiating with your insurer or the other party’s insurer and give them your medical records and other paperwork related to the car accident, it would be easier for them to fight your claim or reduce the damages you’re really entitled to, and would limit your attorney’s options for building a solid strategy for your claim.

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