Secrets to Achieving Family Green Card Success

Legal Adviser October 19, 2017
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United States of America social security and green card on white background. Immigration concept. Closeup with shallow depth of field.Most individuals in America have family members that reside in other countries. Most of them wonder when they can bring their loved ones to the U.S.

It is not true that as soon as an immigrant lives there, they can easily obtain a family green card in Utah. Most are unaware that it is a tedious and complicated procedure. But Buhler Thomas Law, P.C. notes that there are some steps one could follow to speed up the application process.

For Kids Planning to Marry, Ask them to Delay It

Married children of U.S. citizens often find it difficult to immigrate. As a permanent resident, you can petition your unmarried child. However, if your child decides to get married while you are petitioning for them, they terminate the right to immigrate under your appeal. Your married child will be dropped down to the third preference category, so they would have to wait longer.

Ensure that your kids understand the challenges before they get married. It doesn’t matter if they were still unmarried when you began the process; they must remain unmarried when they pick up their green card.

Get Several U.S. Family Members to Sponsor a Similar Immigrant

If you want to increase the chances of your loved one to get a green card, have other family members living in the U.S. petition for them, too. They do not have to rely on just one person to sponsor for them. This is to make sure they do not lose the opportunity if something goes wrong. A parent can petition for their child in case one of the parents dies before the approval. If you want to file for your wife overseas, you and your U.S. citizen parent can sponsor her.

You might be getting tired of waiting to reunite with your family for months (or years) and want to bring them with you. Keep these guidelines in mind to ensure a successful green card application and increase your chances of getting approved.

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