About Us

Legal Adviser is a news source that discusses and dissects the biggest issues in the country from the legal standpoint. We list and enumerate the measures officers of the court need to take, as well as explain the reasons behind them without getting lost in all the jargon.

The Reason for Legal Adviser

This website originated from the need for a legal news source that caters to the needs of people who need information quickly. This is difficult to come by,as reports regarding the law are often written in a way that makes it difficult for anyone outside the profession to understand what’s going on.

We want to change that, and give people the chance to learn about how the world works through the laws that were written for their welfare in the first place.The focus is on making the law more accessible to more people, and makes them conscious of what they can and can’t do regarding their rights as citizens.

How Legal Adviser Works

This format takes the latest real world cases and breaks it down to its most pertinent issues.The goal is to make these cases as transparent as possible, not just to keep readers informed, but to keep them aware of the situation.This allows people to see the consequences and implementation of every article and provision of the law, taking the legal profession from the world of theory and into action. A theory is always easier to understand when applied in practice rather than sifting through multiple scenarios and possibilities regarding its application.

Justice can only serve everyone equally if they all have a proper understanding of the law, and we want to give people the fighting chance they need to know their rights, and defend them accordingly.